To provide cost effective, reliable and realistic simulation tools.

How do you solve two training problems at the same time? For Peter Mckie and Dr Anthony Lewis the answer was iPads, a yellow bag and some very clever software.

Dr Anthony Lewis

Dr Anthony Lewis is an anaesthetist who has been involved in medical education for over a decade and has worked as a retrieval medicine specialist at Sydney HEMS. Originally from Wales, he now lives in Australia and as well as leading research and development at iSimulate, he continues to create and run medical education courses and work as an anaesthetist in various hospitals.

Peter Mckie

Peter Mckie worked as an intensive care paramedic before establishing Parasol EMT in Canberra, a healthcare training company with offices throughout Australia. He was the Chairman of the ACT Australian Resuscitation Council for 20 years and regularly teaches on Advanced Life Support courses. As the CEO of iSimulate, Peter uses his extensive experience in healthcare, business and education to full effect.

Bobby Syed

Bobby Syed is an entrepreneur at heart, with a focus on sales and marketing. Based in New York, Bobby has become a local leader and expert in sales, marketing, business development, exporting, and establishing new companies internationally. As President of the Americas for iSimulate, Bobby uses his vast knowledge in emergency services and corporate markets to focus on business growth and establishing iSimulate as a market leader.

Although Anthony, Peter and Bobby have a common passion in delivering high quality clinical education, their diverse backgrounds have allowed them to bring unique strengths to iSimulate.

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